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SQL Server veteran. Can I join you?

Erik Linthorst

Seasoned and passionate database developer with over 20 years professional experience.

My name is Erik Linthorst, born in 1973 and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, currently living in Almere. I am married with Ana Lucia and have a 4 year old daughter named Emily.

During my first job with big dutch bank, my talent and love for software development first arose, now more then 20 years later, I confidently call myself a pragmatic programmer, who made the transition from journeyman to master.

I am a a ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to software development which targets the microsoft platform. I have pretty hardcore skills in C#, asp.net, mvc and java-script. I defy the usual ‘master of none’, as my expertise is the SQL Server database engine.

Many successfully software projects followed my examples of database design, procedure development and data migrations. My journey was not effortless, I have spent countless hours on study, whitepapers, session recordings and developer courses.

Luckily, investing in my knowledge portfolio, is one of my favorite pass-times. I love to keep up with the latest trends in development and database technology. On my commutes, my radio station nowadays is tuned to Pluralsight training’s.

Feel free to contact me at erik@lintsoft.nl

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